Mouth, Tongue, and Throat Exercises can help you solve

the root cause of snoring!

You can reduce your snoring without a total life overhaul and without buying any more gimmicks.

It just takes a little exercise that you can easily work into your daily routines. 

The exercises in The Stop Snoring Workout are research-based and proven to improve snoring and sleep apnea.

Snoring sucks the life out of you.

Now, and in the future. 

Poor sleep quality… 

Resentment and frustration from your partner…

Sleeping on the couch or in different rooms…

So much money spent on gimmicks that never work… 

And the cherry on top:

Increased risk of health problems including stroke, heart disease & arrhythmias, reflux, mental health issues, frequent peeing at night, and even sexual dysfunction.


It’s not your fault.

Not only does snoring become more common with age, but it’s very possible that your mouth is smaller than your great-great-grandparents' mouths were!

Unfortunately our jaws are shrinking with each generation due to a number of factors, the main being softer diets. 

This does not work in our favor- we need a nice, wide, open, airway while we sleep. 

Hardly anyone knows about this, and it's wreaking havoc on our health!

I'm Leslie Bennett.

Here's my story...


I decided to create this course after I saw a million ads for mouth tape and just couldn’t stand it any longer.  


To be clear, mouth taping isn’t the problem. It can be really helpful.

The problem is a lack of public education regarding snoring and what we can do about it. 

As a speech therapist and orofacial myofunctional therapist, it has become harder and harder for me to tolerate the constant bombardment of gimmicky “snoring solution” ads that often don’t have anatomically correct illustrations (seriously?!), rarely work, and in some cases could do more harm than good.

I kept wishing that people knew:

  • More about their nose, mouth, and throat anatomy.
  • How their nose, mouth, and tongue can work for you or against you when it comes to having a healthy airway, especially during sleep.
  • Why oral resting posture is what we should be talking about when we talk about snoring.
  • How to achieve correct oral resting posture, and how to make it a habit.
  • Which tips, tricks, and tools are the most likely to help reduce snoring (in addition to having correct oral resting posture).
  • What red flags to look for and which medical professionals to talk to about persistent snoring, sleep problems, and airway concerns. 

And so, The Stop Snoring Workout was born.

While this course is purely educational in nature and cannot take the place of individualized therapeutic treatment or direct medical care, it is my hope that The Stop Snoring Workout educates and empowers you in your pursuit of a good night’s sleep, and ultimately, good health.




an online course where you can learn

research-based mouth, tongue and throat exercises

to keep your airway clear during sleep

The Stop Snoring Workout can help you: 

Sleep Better

Reduce snoring and improve your sleep quality (and your partner's)

Reduce Pain and Mouth Symptoms

Reduce teeth clenching/grinding, morning headaches, drooling, dry mouth, and bad breath

Improve Your Mood and Focus

Reduce depression & irritability and improve your ability to focus

Enjoy More Energy

Reduce daytime sleepiness

You can get started right now, for free.


Join me for 3 short videos

to learn more about:

  •  Why our jaws are shrinking with each generation and why that's BAD for our airways!
  • Your first exercise: The most important oral motor skill you need to keep your airway open while you sleep.
  • The benefits of mouth, tongue, and throat exercises, as well as common challenges that my patients and I have encountered and overcome.

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These exercises are not another gimmick.
They’re research-proven.

This type of exercise is often referred to as orofacial myofunctional therapy, myofunctional therapy, or oropharyngeal exercises.

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What will you do in


online course?

Learn About Correct Oral Resting Posture

Understand the importance of nasal breathing, how your anatomy can work for you or against you, and how correct oral resting posture is the key to an open airway during sleep.

Do the Workout

Participate in a mouth, tongue, and throat workout program 2-3x daily that will strengthen your tongue and mouth muscles and reinforce correct oral resting posture.

Make Correct Oral Resting Posture a Habit

Over time, you will train your mouth, tongue, and brain to use correct oral resting posture throughout the day and at night while you sleep.

Use Additional Tools that Actually Help

Mouth taping, nasal strips, side sleeping... We'll dig into the how and why for the best tips, tricks, and tools that can help reduce snoring (in addition to correct oral resting posture).

Track Your Progress 

Take data to track your progress. We'll also talk about what medical providers you may want to talk to if you get stuck.

Ready for the full workout program?


Sleep well, live well.

Better sleep, better mood, more energy, easier relationships. Get started today. 

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Snore less, sleep better.

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This website is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for private, individualized orofacial myofunctional therapy or in place of any other medical services. The Stop Snoring Workout and Illuminated Instruction, LLC are solely educational and do not provide therapeutic or medical services in any capacity.